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Start a New Tradition with the kids you love. The next time you give those special kids gifts of money, encourage them to spend thoughtfully, save for the future and share where it’s needed. 

We want to help you instill that important value, enrich your relationship and help them grow up confident and compassionate. Our products make that easy!







Most kids love opening greeting cards and finding money inside. Now, you can add fun and a financial awareness lesson to your monetary gifts by dividing your money (cash, check or gift cards) into three separate segments and adding Spend Save Share encouragement. Try it!  We think you’ll be surprised at how quickly they “get it” and embrace the concept.
 Help spread the word! If you belong to a community, professional or service group that would like to host a “Start a New Tradition” presentation, please click here for information.  

What Professionals Say About TripleGift


"TripleGift helps children from a very early age understand that money should be used not just for one thing but multiple things; that diversification and setting goals (in money and in life) are necessary. TripleGift is a simple way to start banking on the future with the children you love.”

-Valerie Coleman Morris Author, “It’s Your Money So Take It Personally”®